Nate became interested in vintage collecting at a very young age.  As a youth, he “dumpster dove in Orange Grove” (California) with pals.  He’d find items and flip them at school, making pocket change for the gang to play the Arcade and buy pop.


As an adult, Nate tended bar for over 25-years in Seattle.  One of the restaurants was located just outside the Fremont Sunday Market, where Nate would pick a vintage find, tell stories about it all day, and flip it to one of his guests at the bar.


Nate owned and operated Clyde & Son Salvage at the Georgetown Trailer Park Shopping Mall in Seattle, where he sold his man-cave picks, paranormal items and barware.  Nate loves finding and offering up the weird and interesting, collectible vintage stuff.  Everything Nate sells has a story behind it.   Ask him & he'll tell ya!


Nate’s personal passion for all things vintage as well as the paranormal are now on display and for sale at:


Nate’s Vintage,

339 Damon Road, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

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